What currencies could be stored in XZEN wallet?
Initially the wallet will store Bitcoin, Ethereum and several ERC-20 tokens. Nevertheless, the number of supported currencies will constantly grow. The list of supported currencies will be available at XZEN official website and the application’s Token Shop.
What devices is XZEN app compatible with?
Straight after its release, XZEN app will be available for download at Apple Store and Google Play. Later we will release Windows and Mac versions.
What to do if the password to the software wallet is lost?
When registering in the wallet, you will get a restoration key containing 12 words. This key will be made available to you only, so you must write it down carefully and store it in some place inaccessible to others. It is possible to restore access to the wallet by using these 12 words only.
What to do if the hardware wallet is lost?
When registering in the hardware wallet, the user will get a restoration key containing 12 words. If a wallet is lost, one can buy a new wallet and restore the balance using these 12 words. The restoration procedure takes only 5 minutes.
Can one use the software and the hardware wallet separately?
Yes. XZEN app can operate separately from XZEN Wallet. At the same time, auxiliary use of XZEN wallet will provide a higher security level.
When can I buy the hardware wallet?
Production of the first industrial model is scheduled for the end of 2018. We plan to start the sales early 2019.
When will it be possible to buy cryptocurrencies and tokens with fiat currencies in the application?
We plan to implement this function step-by-step in different regions as far as the required infrastructure is established. If you are interested in a specific country, please request our team for detailed information.
What is a projected consumer price of XZEN wallet?
Currently the projected consumer price is €120-175.
When can I download software wallet?
Software wallet will be available for downloading in September 2018. Now it is on the stage of beta and security testing.