Product Highlights

The XZEN Wallet is an integral part of our ecosystem, offering your outstanding security, enhanced functionality, and intuitive user interface

Mobile compatibility

The XZEN Wallet is fully compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. It is a pinnacle of seamless experience you can enjoy while using XZEN.

High-resolution LCD IPS display

Bright and colorful high-resolution LCD IPS display makes it easy to operate the device, giving you a great overview of your current financial status, actions, contacts and more.

Fingerprint authentication

The third-generation fingerprint authentication technology, which is used in the XZEN Wallet, means that you and only you will have access to your Private Key and other data.

Wireless connectivity

The Wallet by XZEN is the world's first cold storage solution that currency modern-day connectivity functionality, including support for Bluetooth 4.2, wireless charging, and NFC chip.

technical specifications

The XZEN Wallet offers you the latest and best in technologies and design, comfort of use and overall user experience.

560 mAh battery
3rd generation
fingerprint scanner
Steel case
2.4” 320×240
IPS display
CPU with internal
Connection via USB
Type-C and Bluetooth 4.2
NFC chip for contactless

XZEN Hybrid Cyber Security System

TA major leap forward in safety of blockchain wallet devices, XZEN Hybrid Cyber Security System combines software, hardware, and services designed to work simultaneously for maximum security and transparent user experience.

Enhanced two-factor
authentication of transactions
CPU with ARM TrustZone
for secured cold storage
Use of 3rd generation
fingerprint scanner
Use of FIPS 140-2 Level
3 HSM for safety of gateways
Multilayered encryption
of data within the system
Decentralized data storage